Honsbridge (Malaysia) & Pembrokeshire (Britain) offer A Level Twinning Program

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Dear Avid Readers,

When you are interested to learn more about the A Level Twinning program offered by Honsbridge Academy and Pembrokeshire College,  why not attend the coming Information Day herein. You are invited to RSVP here to attend the FREE event. We regret to inform that only attendees who have prior RSVP are admitted to the event.

Date: 18 (Mon) Jan 2014
Time: 10am -12pm
Venue: Honsbridge Academy, No. 20-1, Jalan PJU 5/7
Dataran Sunway, 47810 Selangor Malaysia
Attendee: All SPM graduates, IGCSE/ O Level graduates who wish to achieve AS Level in Malaysia and A2 Level in Britain.

Last but not the least, thank you for your support at the launch of the O Level Challenge Competition & the A Level Twinning Program by the Honsbridge Academy and Pembrokeshire College Team on the 14 & 15 Dec 2013 in KLCC.

For more information, feel free to contact the team on 1700 808 188 (Alicia, Dominic, David in Malaysia) or 00 44 7971 123464 (Hayley Williams in Britain and visit http://www.pembrokeshire.ac.uk/)

As Christmas is just 2 sleeps away, here is wishing you and family very happy holidays and a blessed festive celebration.

For Honsbridge, we celebrated Christmas on the 30 Nov with " All in the spirit of giving".

Emma for Honsbridge

For photos - simply click here

Honsbridge Friend to Friend Promotion Sep - Nov 2014

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Friend to friend 2013
Dear Honsbridge Parents and Students,

Thank you so much for the support and kind word of mouth. Here is special tribute in recognition of your recommendation and good faith. We have increased the referral fees to RM300 for the month of September to November 2013.

From feedback of prospective parents, Honsbridge is well known for the strong reputation of  Cambridge IGCSE and O Level Results since the G1 has graduated in May 2010 to the most recent  G7 class of graduates.
Our consistent excellent results are all thanks to our dedicated teachers and hard work put together by our students.

Honsbridge family is in fact most proud of our conducive learning environment whereby our students team up from diverse background and nationalities.

As Honsbridge's expatriate English HOD, Mr David also added, "Honsbridge students benefit from excellent training on World Scholar's Cup in 2011 2012 and more 2012 which rolled into 2013 & Emphasis on Grammar along with strong tradition of Sporting ECA in 2012 and 2013- Honsbridge is a FIVE STAR EDUCATION."

I extend my deepest appreciation to all my parents and students for the support. Here is inviting you to have a look at the the  referral poster and Information Workshop Invitation by clicking the pdf below.
Thank you and we look forward to meeting prospective parents at our " Be an O Level Student for a Day Workshop" which will be held on the 21 Sep, 28 Sep and the 5 Oct 2013. For RSVP to our Workshop, please complete the enquiry form here.

Happy Mid Autumn Festival,

Emma for Honsbridge

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Honsbridge 4.0 Tree Planting Operation 2013

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Dear Avid Readers, Parents and Students,

The 4th annual Honsbridge Tree Planting Operation is now underway. This is a very meaningful intrinsic value that I hold dearly - it is to instil in my students the corporate social responsibility and that outdoor workout can be fun!

I am proud to share with you that Honsbridge's CSR dates back to 2010 since 2009 inception.
It's time to upload  4.0 Tree Planting Operation!

Date: 21 (Saturday) Sep 2013

Starting Time: 8am when all students and teachers will board the bus from Honsbridge
Tree planting site Parit 6: Raja Musa Forest Reserve (Bukit Tagar Toll Exit 119)

Returning Time: 12ish at the Centre Point Mac Donald or Honsbridge.

Attire: Honsbridge Sports Tee/Jersey, trousers, pair of shoes/boots and a bottle of water

Organiser: GEC
More useful information to read on, please click below

Do join me to thank the organiser for arranging the initiatives and the sponsors, UUM for the breakfast and lunch provided. Cheers to the sponsors!

Next, drum rolls for our platoon of Tree Huggers

1. Shaun Leong, Y10
2. Seng Yong, Y10
3. Khean Hoe, Y10
4. Aaron Liew, Y10
5. Syafiq Suhaimi, Y10
6. Estine Kim, Y10
7. Lai Yee Shuan, Y10
8. Ng Hwa Hong, Y10
9. Oscar Chan, Y10
10. Liew San Lom, Y10
11. Rafdian Nahri, Y11
12. Brandon Fan, Y11
13. Yusri Zulkafperi, Y11
14. Harsharan Singh, Y11
15. Fathini Rahim, Y11
16. Esther Gan, Y9
17. Joey Leong, Y9
18. Darrell Liew, Y9
19. Kenneth Li, Y9
20. Julia Ho, Y9
21. Kimischa Teo, Y9
22. Jun Hua, Y9
23. Usama Vadillo, Y9
24. William Kor, Y9
25. Ian Paulo, Y8
26. Farah Aida, Y8
27. Jim Kai, Y8
28. Yu Heng, Y7
29. Edmund Ho, Y7
30. Seng Meng, Y7
31. Teacher Dom
32. Teacher David
33. Teacher Farah
34. Teacher Satya
35. Teacher Thiru
36. Mrs Kathy Chan
37. Serena Chan
38. Mr Leong Yoke Kee
39. Mrs Gan (Rachel)
40. Mr Gan

I am really excited for our 30 students of J234G910 who will form the largest team since operation 1.0. I wish all the students, parents and teachers a safe and fun Tree Planting Trip.

Thank you so much to all our dedicated parents and teachers who will be accompanying our young tree huggers on a meaningful trip.

Emma for Honsbridge

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Dedicating to the Year 11 G8 Class of Honsbridge

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Dear Students,

Here is wishing all the challengers out there the very best for your upcoming exams. Burning the midnight oil is not necessary the way forward, but chances are you will be mugging at whatever odd times that best suit you.

I remember when i used to prepare for exams wherever i was, night time was always the best time for me to study as it was cool and quite. With no distraction whatsover, i had soft music on and had a few aroma candles burnt, i would work out all the sums and essays as time ticked by. The period of exam preparation was productive as i checked off the topics that i had worked on day by day. Along with classmates and teachers who were always around for company, i didn't feel alone in the battle.

The visualisation of success and fruits of labour always motivate me to work hard everytime. I hope you will be motivated to achieve your dream goals in the exams. There are many ways to help you succeed in exams and life. You may visualise the sweet success, set targets, set timelines, reward yourself when you have achieved a piece of work.

Lastly, all great work is achieved with enthusiasm. I wish you the motivation and enthusiasm to achieve all that you want for the upcoming exams.

Very warmest wishes,

Emma for Honsbridge

We have moved to : www.honsbridge.com

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Dear all,

Please note that we have moved to: www.honsbridge.com

For more information, kindly log on to the site mentioned above.

Thank you

Warm regards,


Honsbridge English Enrichment - World Scholars' Cup

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Honsbridge English Enrichment Curriculum in support of World Scholars' Cup 2012

Dear Avid Readers,

On English Enrichment, I am pleased to share with you that Honsbridge has invited all students to benefit from the training and preparatory sessions for the Malaysia Regional World Scholars' Cup Competition, 31 March & 1 April 2012 (Saturday-Sunday). The Global Round is scheduled to be held on the 21- 24 Jun 2012 in Bangkok.

The first WSC training has since been conducted on the 4 Feb 2011 (Saturday) at 10am-12pm. The turn out for the awareness and training sessions was amazing. There was no doubt that students who have represented Honsbridge in the WSC last year have been most inspiring to fellow scholars to be. Regular debate trainings have been set on every Fri and Sat and is proudly chaired by Mr David, Honsbridge World Scholars' Cup Trainer.

As Honsbridge upkeeps the tradition to provide various platform for our students to take up the great opportunities, thereby learning new skills and becoming a confident scholar in public speaking, writing and reading. We always welcome feedback and contribution to the success of our students' development.

Thank you always.

Emma for Honsbridge

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Honsbridge Sports Houses Battle On 17 Jan - 16 Feb 2012

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Sports Houses Briefing With the Sports Enrichment Teacher

Yellow House - Wolverine Cheer Leaders for their House Games

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