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So here it is.

The moment of truth.

After months of grueling practice, hard-work and determination, our Honnets are prepared for this.

The Cambridge IGCSE exams.

It will be a week of endurance and challenges as Honnets fight through tough questions and decisions while facing the IGCSE exams.

So don’t give up, Honnets! For those who don’t make it, just remember there’s always a second chance in life to be better person. For those do make it, don’t rest on your laurels just yet! There are still tougher challenges ahead beyond school life, so be prepared.

Once the exams are over, be ready for a field trip on the 28th of November as Honnets go for another camping trip. While the City Camping Park in Cheras is not as big as the Lumut trip, it would still be a fun and smaller adventure for the Honnets.

Honnets will learn how to cook food, collect firewood and other survival skills. Later, they will play the Low Rope Obstacle course at the camp.

Challenges await the Honnets, be it in exams or camping.

Never surrender, Honnets!


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It’s Mid-Autumn Festival at the Honsbridge International. Originally an occasion to celebrate a successful harvest, it has become an event for all to enjoy with families and friends. The most well-known moments of the Mid-Autumn Festival every year are the lanterns and of course, the delicious mooncakes.

Which is exactly what Honsbridge has given to the dedicated staff of this centre. Not just merely a treat, it’s also a symbolic gift to thank the hard-working staff in teaching Cambridge IGCSE to the young, hopeful Honnets.

Mooncakes aren’t the only thing shared. Honnets too Share The Experience by recommending their friends to Honsbridge. Special thanks to Johan, William Tan and William Chai, who referred their friends to this learning centre. Each will receive RM300 for their efforts while their friends will receive RM300 rebate on their tuition fees.

Like the goddess Chang’e who shone the light on the world at night, Honsbridge too shines the light upon aspiring Malaysians wishing for a better future. By learning IGCSE in Honsbridge, Honnets get a higher chance at attending the best colleges in Malaysia and the rest of the world.

We wish you all an enjoyable Mid-Autumn Festival.

And by the way, the mooncakes are delicious!


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Over the weekends from 21st September onwards, Honsbridge organizes a roadshow at Sunway Giza in Kota Damansara where we promote Honsbridge International for new intakes. We set our booth right outside the Village Grocer where shoppers pass by often.

Day and night we work tirelessly to promote our learning centre, despite strong winds and technical difficulties. Malaysians from all over, including parents, drop by our booth intrigued by what we have to offer.

We offer the best Cambridge IGCSE and O Levels this side of Kota Damansara, including the Express IGCSE, where Honnets can study and learn within the span of 2.5 years instead of the usual 4, faster and more efficient than typical schools.

Honsbridge also offers extracurricular activities such as dance clubs, field trips, camp, Sports Day, music, games and many more!

For those who’ve missed our roadshow, do drop by Honsbridge International for more information about our Cambridge IGCSE and O Levels.


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Do you want to share your experience with your friends to Honsbridge and get rewarded?

Honsbridge offers a program where you get RM600 for referring to your friends to our school. That’s RM300 for the referrer - meaning you – and RM300 for your friend who’ve joined up!

But that’s not all! Your friends will not only appreciate the IGCSE focused smaller classes and the dedicated teachers, but also make new friends along the way. They will learn the values of friendship, teamwork, leadership and public skills; as well as dance, arts, crafts and other talents.

But most importantly, with our focus on IGCSE, Honsbridge will help secure the future for your friends; with higher chances at attending top universities around the world; and securing jobs at top multinationals. Imagine that!

So what are you waiting for?

Refer a friend and get rewarded today!


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This second week of September, we at Honsbridge wish good luck to all Honnets currently undertaking the IGCSE and Checkpoint exams.
To the Honnets of G16 Year 11, we wish you the best and good luck in facing the IGCSE exams in October at the CIE examination hall of the Cempaka International School. Let’s hope you are all ready for the challenges ahead after months of preparation and determination in your studies.
To the Honnets of J10A & B Year 9 undertaking the Internal Checkpoint Exam, we too wish you good luck in facing the exam. We also wish you congratulations for finishing the Lower Secondary Program this year. You are now promoted to Year 10, meaning you are Juniors no more; you are now Seniors. As a Senior, you are now being handed a higher responsibility and commitment to not just Honsbridge, but also your future. As part of the Honsbridge family, Seniors and Juniors must care for each other when facing greater challenges ahead. Seniors should lead by example and learn responsibility.
Finally to the Honnets of SJ2 Year 6, you are no longer Super Juniors. Since you have moved from primary to secondary, you too have being given responsibility for both Honsbridge and your future. We wish you all the best as you face more challenges ahead.
Good luck to you all!


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The past few days since 3rd of July sees our fellow Honnets training for the Debate Competition of 2017. This training is overseen by Mr Bakhtiar, who guides the Honnets into improving their presentation skills and confidence for the upcoming debate.

Before training began, the Honnets were introduced to the format preferred by many debate competition known as the British Parliamentary Style. What is a British Parliamentary (BP) style Debate?

A BP debate, which lasts five or seven minutes, consists of two sides: The Government and The Opposition. The all sides are split into four factions:

1. Opening Government (first faction):

  1. Prime Minister
  2. Deputy Prime Minister

2. Opening Opposition (second faction):

  1. Leader of the Opposition
  2. Deputy Leader of the Opposition

3. Closing Government (third faction):

  1. Member of Government
  2. Government Whip

4. Closing Opposition (fourth faction):

  1. Member of Opposition
  2. Opposition Whip

Two groups of Honnets take turns to either be the Government or the Opposition. Mr Bakhtiar picks a topic, and the Government must make points supporting the topic while the Opposition, as its per name, must make points supporting against it. Speaking alternates downwards between the opposing sides, starting from the Prime Minister to the Leader of the Opposition all the way down to the closing Whips.

The first days of debate training starts off awkwardly as the Honnets stumbles and struggles in their presentation. But the following days, the Honnets began to pick up speed as they debate vigorously and passionately on various topics as chosen by Mr Bakhtiar.

The topics range from something light such as “Should homework be introduced into schools?” to heavier subjects such as politics and capital punishment. The challenge to some Honnets is to create points supporting or opposing the topic, despite not agreeing with topic given.

But the greatest lesson isn’t just the presentation skills or the exchange of knowledge; it’s also learning the value of teamwork as each Honnet from either side helped find facts about the chosen topics while giving moral support to their teammates.

Through their determination, Honsbridge hopes that this training will bring victory to the upcoming debates and also face challenges when sitting for the IGCSE.
Goodspeed and good luck, Honnets!


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On the 5th of July, Honsbridge organised lessons on how to deliver a great speech by a guest instructor, Mr Ranjinath Muniandy. Present are some Honnets along with Mr Sandeep and Mr Bakhtiar.

The objective of this lesson is to help Honnets improve their presentation skills in preparation for the Debate Competition. Each Honnet volunteer to deliver a speech based on any subject of their choice and Mr. Ranjinath, Mr. Sandeep and Mr. Bakhtiar will provide comments on how to improve their presentation.

The highlight of the lesson is Wan Hariz, who presents a moving speech on depression and how he overcomes it by helping those in need. Mr. Ranjinath, Mr. Sandeep and Mr. Bakhtiar gave commendations, as well as comments on how to improve on his speech.

The lesson ends with a video presentation about a Toastmasters International champion, Darren Tay. Darren Tay talks about facing and dealing with bullies, while wearing a white underwear outside his business suit. Darren Tay uses humour to disarm the audience and to ease tension while telling his story about his being bullied and delivering a serious message behind his speeches. The overall lesson behind the presentation is to know how to deliver the best speeches by using story and humour to engage the audience.

Hopefully, Mr. Ranjinath's lessons, along with advice by Mr. Sandeep and Mr. Bakhtiar, would help the Honnets in tackling whatever challenges they face in the Debate Competition.

We wish the Honnets good luck and goodspeed!