Why IGCSE/O Level qualifications in Malaysia?

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Why Cambridge International GCSE/O level qualifications in Malaysia?

In this modern times and age, the drive to build on your knowledge and qualification is great. This is because it is the basis for your career or business start up, with it comes financial independence and a quality lifestyle. In Malaysia, SPM or GCE O level are both widely accepted as the minimum qualification for entry level job position or academic progression. It is no wonder, the British Council Malaysia offers private candidates to sit for IGCSE or O level examinations locally.

The General Certificate of Education (Ordinary Level), or GCE O Level, is a secondary-level academic qualification that examinations boards in the United Kingdom confer to students. The O Levels aims to prepare students who are 14-16years old for their academic progression (such as GCE Advanced and Advanced Subsidiary Level study, SAM or CPU) and equip them with the skills necessary for employment.

In many countries such as Hong Kong, Parkistan, India, Nepal, Malta, Singapore and Sri-Lanka, O level is the national school-leaving examination.

O Level grading is on a five-point scale (A–E). Universities in many countries, including Canada and the USA, will admit students on the basis of their O Level performances alone.

Grade C in O Level English Language satisfies the English proficiency requirements of many universities in the UK and other English speaking countries.

At Honsbridge Academy (@HA), our dynamic teachers will provide you the IGCSE/O level tuition and help you to do well in your Cambridge IGCSE/O levels. Besides the academic skills, we will train you on other important soft skills e.g. communication and presentation skills in the English Language to prepare you for employment or academic progression.

What is the next step?

Contact us to arrange an appointment. We are happy to meet students and parents at any time, why not bring your results achieved so far so we can know your academic background at a glance, and we can discuss how you can meet your aspirations. As parent, you can find out how to work with HA to complement each other very effectively in helping student to succeed.

Call 017-3208837 (Emma), 017- 332 2252 (Dominic), 017- 331 2113 (Alicia)

We hope that your aspiration before joining and after leaving HA will become clearer, and most importantly achievable.


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